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All of our May 2023 News 
1st May 2023 
Here’s Leo with his fantastic Bank Holiday update on what he’s been up to. Huge congratulations Leo, everything sounds so exciting, keep up the good work from everyone at KH ❤️ 
Hi everybody!  
Just a little drop in and hello! I’m actually writing this 30,000 feet in the air on my way to Los Angeles for my second contract for Princess Cruises.  
I’ve only had one month off since coming off the Ruby Princess at the end of March, but as they say in show business - On with the show!  
I’m really looking forward to this contract as I have 3 really fantastic shows - including one called “The Secret Silk” which is produced by Stephen Schwartz (who wrote Wicked and Godspell). I’m also developing my own guest entertainer show at the moment and I was lucky to debut a small part of it last contract, to fantastic reviews from guests. My first show is called “Versatility in Sound” which is a journey through all the different styles of music I have performed for the last couple of years, and then my second show is called “Crooning Classics” which features songs by Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett and many others. 
I’ve been so lucky to have an amazing career that has allowed me to travel the world and this time I am travelling to an entirely new continent- Asia! I’m travelling around Japan for 4.5 months and then all around SE Asia for 2.5 months too! I wouldn’t be doing what I do without Kirkham Henry and I’m so thankful to be still doing what I love 6 years - yup, six years - after graduating Trinity Laban! Never give up on your dreams and you will have success! All the best to everybody and sending you all a lot of love x 
2nd May 2023 
We are so proud to be accredited with the Council of Dance education and Musical Theatre. 
CDMT who have strict criteria of standards, policies and guidelines. Check out their website for details and information. 
3rd May 2023 
On this day 2014 KH Saturday... 
These seniors at the time have gone on to their chosen careers many successful in performing arts.  
Some are still at university gaining higher qualifications, many of them have said the 6 D’s of success while attending KH has helped them enormously once they moved on. 
4th May 2023 
#ThankADanceTeacherDay is a global movement to shine the spotlight on dance education and the teachers who make it possible.  
It was started in 2014 by the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) to raise awareness of the benefits of dance education through social media. A quality dance education can have a life-changing impact on students, providing physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychological benefits. 
Here’s some of the hundreds of thank you letters/cards from pupils on leaving KH. 
Thank you to ALL our dance teachers for everything ❤️ 
5th May 2023 
What a fabulous Dancing with Parkinson’s Coronation celebration class this morning at our outreach centre Wigginton.  
All thoroughly enjoying themselves in their Red White and Blue , or as near to it.  
What a wonderful buffet Sylvia put on for everyone. Cheers ❤️ 
5th May 2023 
Here’s another lovely update, this time from Jess, seen here with her IDTA Theatre award nomination certificate for outstanding potential in Ballet. 
Hi everyone! It’s Jess here with an update- 
I am currently in my 3rd term of my first year at Lancaster University studying chemistry and physics. I’m really enjoying it here and i have so many amazing resources for my studies right outside my accommodation!  
In this term I have my end of year exams, so i’m hard at work revising all of my modules.  
I am so thankful to kirkham Henry for giving me the discipline and focus needed for me to persevere through the more challenging aspects of my course. 
-Jess x 
Well done Jess, thanks for your update. 
6th May 2023 
A day to remember-  
From our Theatre Tots to our Advanced seniors, we’re sure everyone will remember today.  
Thank you to everyone who brought in party food and drinks and to our teachers for playing it by ear and allowing the kids the choice of watching our TV screens at crucial historical moments or continuing with lessons.  
What a fabulous Coronation celebration we had and the outfits didn’t disappoint ( including our teachers) thanks to our teaching assistants who took care of the young children staying longer to join in the party atmosphere. 
7th May 2023 
Here’s yet another fantastic update from former KH Pupils, this time from Dom. 
A huge hello to everyone at Kirkham Henry and Ryedale Youth Theatre! Hope you are all doing really well? I love being able to see what is going on for everyone through the Kirkham Henry account and I'm never surprised that it's always exciting achievements and fun new projects! 
It's great to see our industry picking itself back up again after being forced to a sudden halt due to the pandemic! Luckily I was kept busy during that period of time, working as a role on a little franchise you might not have heard of, called... Star Wars. I swapped my Covid mask for a Storm Trooper helmet! 
It's just been announced that 'Give Them Wings', is now available to watch for free on Amazon Prime. It was the first job I ever filmed on (a few years ago now) so that shows how long it can take for these things to happen in the Film & TV world. 
Just before Christmas I was cast as a character in a brand new BBC Drama called 'Boat Story', it will be airing on BBC One before too long. It was created by Harry & Jack Williams, who made the hit show 'The Tourist', so I think it will be a really good one! 
A few other things that I filmed on will soon be on their way out and I'll be sure to update Miss Ang as soon as I know more! 
Keep working hard and enjoying your lessons at Kirkham Henry everyone!  
Hope to come by and visit really soon! X 
13th May 2023 
The smiles say it all, more shared photos from yesterdays new dance festival it’s always so good to have well trained dancers to compete with and make more lovely memories. Well done everyone- here’s to another great day. 
Congratulations Team KH for performing so fabulously today at a new dance festival. 
Please feel free to post and share your photos as Miss Kyla hasn’t had time to breath all day, sat doing the music.  
Thank you to those who’ve already sent in photos. 
Keep up the good work everyone for tomorrow. 👏👏👏👏 
14th May 2023 
Another great day at Prima summer time festival. 
Team KH a talented friendly and supportive group of young dancers have given their all at another hot and long day at the new dance festival in Sherburn in Elmet.  
From our youngest novice dancers to our older seniors. So lovely to see team KH supporting each other at the end of festival presentations this evening. 
Huge thanks to ALL our teachers who play a massive role in training the team in their different disciplines and to our festival teachers who choreograph , coach and spend hours cutting the music and all the usual behind scenes such as advising on costumes and makeup.  
Finally a big shout out to Miss Kyla for all festival admin. Choreography, encouragement and sitting playing everybody’s music throughout each day.  
Congratulations everyone. 
16th May 2023 
Today BBC Look North came to film our Dancing with Parkinson’s class ready for the meeting at North Yorkshire council about the finances Ryedale district council had awarded to us and other community groups.  
As you’ll be aware NYC are saying this fund should never have been opened up to Ryedale communities (as NYC want the fund, set aside for Ryedale to go to NYC) 
We realise blink and you’ll miss us but still it could be worth it , if someone sits up and makes note of the importance of gaining full accessibility into the building for our wonderful community. 
20th May 2023 
What a very busy day of watching week 1.  
Full of families witnessing each typical KH Saturday class. 
We’re also hoping to run our Toy Stall during next Saturdays Malton food festival and are asking for any seniors or KH families who could spare 20-30 mins or longer.  
Please contact us with your preferred time slot. Thanks for all your support. 
21st May 2023 
What a hectic week we’ve had, with very short notice both BBC and ITV turned up to film us regarding our changing rooms and accessibility issues. Plus watching week 1, where we’re always so busy with families attending and final decision time regarding examination entries. On top of a meeting regarding the National Lottery funding. 
What has surprisingly come to light since the news articles on TV is the amount of people who did not know KH building is asset locked and belongs to the town and community. 
Jennie (Henry) and I made a decision together with our families that we wanted KH to go on for generations to come. So in 2010 KH became a CIC not for profit after we both bequeathed the building to the community.  
Now on our 4th generation my intention is for this amazing space where no one is turned away whether autistic, ADHD, physical or mental challenges. I could go on adding to the list but as an inclusive school, there’s no point, as our aim is no one should feel different unless they want to be. 
Yes I wonder when hours out of our lives are taken up trying to find funding, if Jennie and I would have been better keeping the building and selling it on my retirement. I’ve an online meeting every day this coming week regarding funding on top of keeping the school and wellbeing hub afloat.  
So if anyone out there can spread the word that we really do need funding as there’s nothing left in the pot each month for repairs etc. I know it’s so easy for the majority of parents to drop their kids off in our safe hands and not think of the amount of volunteer hour’s myself, Michaela , non exec. Directors, staff & trustees of Friends our charitable arm undertake in order to keep KH up and running. 
Please keep the momentum going by asking around if anyone would like to buy a brick or generally donate into Friends account. We do need your support even more so after the disappointment of two potential life changing opportunities. 
Ideas always welcome, especially those parents who organise fundraising without needing Michaela and I to be involved as there are a set number of hours in a week and we can’t magically find more. If you’re time or financially struggling, you can help by sharing our social media posts both Facebook and Instagram , you never know who might see it, no matter what the post is about. 
Thank you for your continued support, just keep the word out there as KH building belongs to our future generations. 
Miss Angela x 
22nd May 2023 
Miss Ali came across these photographs of over 30 years ago and we wonder if you recognise anyone?  
Apparently Miss Ali and Roger (déjà vu company) asked KH seniors at the time to help with their promotional photos.  
Some of these seniors went on to actually perform in the company in the production shows on the cruise ships.  
We also wonder if you recognise who it is on the 3rd photo with Miss Ali? #KHmemories ❤️ 
27th May 2023 
A very warm KH Saturday and a very busy one.  
So lovely to have our families watching their children in class again, and braving the food festival traffic.  
Our water machine was very busy with everyone re-hydrating themselves and even the seniors found time between classes to enjoy the sunshine together and popped out for lunch.  
We hope you all have a lovely restful half term break and we look forward to seeing you all back to classes from Monday 5th June . 
28th May 2023 
For near 50 years over what was always known as Whit bank holiday Kirkham school of Dancing and from 1989 Kirkham Henry Performing Arts entered a Dance festival team at The Northern stage Dance Festival.  
This competition changed venues many times over the years from Sunderland, Hartlepool, Easton, Redcar and finally ended up at Southlands centre Ormesby Middlesbrough. A week long festival where teachers sit for almost 12 hour days playing the music for each of their own competitors.  
Over the years we had weather so hot it was stifling in the performance hall, to dark dismal days where picnics took place in the changing rooms. I saw dance schools come and go as new schools entered and well established schools retired from comps. We were the longest attending school. Over the last few years John would accompany me and sit at the back supporting each performer and quietly chatting to our parents, particularly the dads as they arrived for each section.  
It was a fun friendly excellent competition with many KH families staying over in caravans or travel lodges. This social aspect was just as important as taking part , where we’d rush back to devour the last of the carvery or meet in someone’s awning with a bottle of wine once the kids were in bed. 
These are still special memories for me and sadly due to Covid, Liz the organiser of all those years finally laid to rest TNSDF. 
Grabbing time in between sections or lunch breaks, Stewart Park was often a destination and this first photo from our archives shows John in the background as those performing that day took a well earned rest with an ice cream. Happy memories indeed. Miss Angela 
29th May 2023 
On 31st May former pupil, Ben Greenhough, will be appearing in BBC Doctors on TV. 
Here’s a reminder of the update Ben sent us in February. 
Hey guys, Ben here with a little update as to what I’ve been up to in the last year. 
Last year I graduated Arts Ed after 3 years of intensive actor training. Initially, it was a strange world to navigate, having been in education for as long as I can remember to suddenly being given that final push into the professional industry, but after a while of being an unemployed actor, I landed my first professional booking. 
Summer of last year, I was lucky enough to be part of a feature film with Amazon which comes out August 2023, more information to follow closer to the date! It was a great experience and I couldn’t be more thankful for the training that both Kirkham Henry and Arts Ed equipped me with. 
Since then, I’ve been working part time as the bills don’t pay themselves, but as I am writing this, I have more exciting news. 
This week I have been filming with BBC Doctors as a guest lead role for an episode. The episode in question is due to air sometime in May, and like with the film, I’ll let you guys know specific dates closer to the time. 
From 3 years training at my dream drama school, to signing with a top agent and having 2 professional jobs in the last year, I really couldn’t be happier and hope there’s more to come from 2023. I must add, if it wasn’t for Kirkham Henry teaching me the discipline and drive required for the industry, I don’t know where I’d be, so I am forever grateful and proud to have been a student of Kirkham Henry. 
I hope everyone is having a fantastic 2023, keep your heads up, work hard and turn your dreams into a reality. 
We’re looking forward to watching. 
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