Malton, North Yorkshire 


We regularly receive news about the successes of former students of Kirkham Henry as well as lots of testimonials that we are immensely proud to read. Here are just a few: 

April Benson 

Hello my lovelies 
April here :-) earlier this year I went on tour with the jazz dance company performing for my third year final showcase and then in July I graduated from London studio centre with a BA honors in theatre dance. 
I am currently working at Disneyland Paris as a character and parade performer. I am loving my time here in Paris and I'm keen to extend my 
contract further.  
Missing you all at Kirkham Henry though and I'll be back soon to see you all!  
Thank you for your constant love and support 
April x 
Lauren Hood 
"My training at Kirkham Henry fulfilled me with all the skills, ambition and discipline in my career as an Actress. My time there was filled with love, laughter and hard work. I loved being a part of such a fantastic group of people and I owe Angela Kirkham & Jenny Henry so very much and can't thank them enough for always believing in me! 
I trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, from graduating I played Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel at The Savoy Theatre, London. Other roles I've played are The title role in Rise & Fall of Little Voice, Martha in The Secret Garden, Frenchie cover Sandy in Grease, Penny Pingleton in Hairspray. I was lucky enough to to play Betty in Victoria Woods Midlife Christmas working alongside Victoria!  
Lauren will be next appearing in 'Mrs Henderson Presents' at Theatre Royal Bath. 
Elizabeth Boag 
"I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Kirkham Henry for giving me the skills, courage and confidence to pursue a career in the arts. They not only taught me how to sing, dance and perform on stage, they also encouraged an ensemble spirit, a strong work ethic and the belief that with enough hard-work and commitment, the show will always go on! 
Years after my final "Showtime", Kirkham Henry still continue to support me in my career and I am incredibly proud and grateful to have been given such strong foundations." 
Danielle Brown 
"Kirkham Henry was and always will be an incredibly special place to me. The years I spent at the school amount to some of the best years of my life. I owe so much to the experience, training and teachers, all of which shaped the person I am today. The studios in Malton remain one of my favourite places and if I could be 14 again and re-live it all, I would. 
Following my A-Levels I continued my theatre training in London, attaining a First Degree Hons. from Bird College. Since my graduation in the summer of 2012, I have been working in ‘the business.’ My latest working contract was the comedy musical ‘Chicago,’ aboard Allure Of The Seas, currently the World’s largest cruise liner, where I played ‘Hunyak,’ the innocent Hungarian murderess. Christmas will see me play ‘Danidini’ in Cinderella Pantomime and beyond that, who knows!" 
Nicola Gledhill 
"Being a part of Kirkham Henry is like being a part of one huge, happy, second family. I have such happy, fond memories of being a pupil there and it is particularly now as I grow older that I realize just what an amazing tuition and time I had there. 
When I stand on stage in a ships theatre and blast out a song or a dance, it is always in my mind, just how grateful I am to be armed with the knowledge and instruction that I gained from all my teachers. I always say when performing my solo cabaret that without Kirkham Henry I wouldn’t have the career I do today. They didn’t just teach me how to dance; they made me the person I am, it gave me confidence, a personality, a passion, plus the ability to perform. 
My parents will also be eternally grateful to Kirkham Henry and for all those parents out there who slightly moan at having to sit outside in the car in the cold winter snow waiting for their little ballerina(s) to emerge- persevere- it’s worth it. My dad is a huge musical fan now, loves cruising and shows! 
I am now starting my 10th year of working on cruise ships. I didn’t go to a London College to dance and yes maybe I would have liked to, but that fact in itself shows just how incredible Kirkham Henry is and the proof is there in all the wonderful careers that all its pupils go on to do. Dance is an extraordinary thing and being taught it like you get at Kirkham Henry sets you up for life." 
Scott Garnham 
"Kirkham Henry provided me with the skills, confidence and discipline to work professionally in the arts and entertainment industry. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, it provides some of the best part time training anywhere in the country and without it I would never have furthered my acting and musical theatre education at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 
I was given the opportunity to work on many styles and genres of drama, music and dance and because of this I have had a successful and varied career ranging from appearing in the 25th anniversary production of Les Miserables in London’s west end to working on Matt Lucas’s new BBC comedy ‘Pompidou’. 
Somehow all this is achieved whilst still feeling like you’re part of a special club, simply there to have fun. I cherish my time at Kirkham Henry and I owe my career and passion to that wonderful building." 
Scott is currently appearing in the original cast of Made in Dagenham at the Adephi Theatre, in London’s West End! 
Samantha Raine 
"Kirkham Henry is like home to me. It's a big family! I spent every evening after school there, enjoying ballet, jazz, tap, drama and singing lessons. It helped me build confidence, performing skills and the basic ballet technique I needed for my future career. 
I trained at Kirkham Henry until the age of eleven when I accepted a place at The Royal Ballet School, since when I've enjoyed a 15 year ballet career with The Royal Ballet and I am currently Ballet Mistress with the company." 
Pippa Raine 
Kirkham Henry has given me the ability to work in a team with strong work ethics and a sense of solidarity. 
Over the years I’ve worked in West End and Rep Theatre, plus I’ve travelled parts of the world as a singer on a number of cruise ships (a couple were my Auntie Ali’s, aka Miss Ali’s production shows). In-between and along side my performing I teach Pilates to all ages and abilities. 
When I come up to visit my family I always like to pop in to catch up with everyone as Kirkham Henry has a feeling of being Home from Home. 
Katy Clarke 
After training with Kirkham Henry till the age of 16, Katy moved to Manchester for 3 years, gaining a BA Hons in Professional dance and 3 days before graduating, She successfully secured a job with Tui Cruises on Mein Schiff 3. She traveled to Berlin for rehearsals late September and worked long (hard) days to learn 10 shows; including theatre and pool party spots. They had a cast member break his foot in rehearsals thus facing adapting a full show to only 7 dancers; then joined by a new partner to learn the rest. After she embarked late November to sail around the Canary Islands, Christmas in Morocco, New Year in Madeira, Carnival in Tenerife and Easter without passengers floating around at sea due to the Covid -19 Pandemic. After 52 days stuck at sea we were taken back to Germany and after many cancelled flights arrived home in May. Katy says it was an incredible experience that I had hope to get back to very soon, unfortunately it seems this won't be possible until at least next Easter. 
I will love being back at my second home where I virtually grew up and to pass on all the experience I have gained. 
Olivia Roberts 
Olivia began her dance training at Kirkham Henry Performing Arts at the age of 6 and alongside this attended classes at the Louise Brown Yorkshire Scholarship centre and the Northern Ballet Associate Programme. At the age of 16 Olivia moved to Manchester to study at the Northern Ballet School where she gained her BA Hons in Professional Dance, RAD Advanced II and her ISTD DDI in Imperial Ballet. In her 3rd year Olivia accepted her 1st contract with Royal Caribbean International on board the Navigator Of The Seas, where she began rehearsals in Miami in June meaning she had to miss the final term of her 3rd year and her graduation. Since then Olivia has continued to work for Royal Caribbean completing her 2nd contract on board the Jewel Of The Seas and was currently on her 3rd contract on board the Serenade Of The Seas when the Pandemic broke out. Whilst dancing for Royal Caribbean Olivia has performed shows in many styles including musical theatre, ballroom and latin and even a whole show dedicated to the argentine tango. Olivia is extremely grateful for all the opportunities that Royal Caribbean has given her and the amazing places she has travelled to, she can't wait to get back to it and start performing again, until then she is very excited to share her passion and love for dance to the younger generation. 
Beth Armstrong 
Hannah Richardson 
Harrietanne Coughlin 
"Kirkham Henry in one word means family to me. 
It isn't like a regular dance school where you attend twice a week, say hi to your friends and teachers and learn a syllabus. It is a home in which people learn to grow and earn not just the ability to sing, dance and act but to build relationships that will last forever. 
Kirkham Henry opened my eyes to realise that dreams can be made into reality. Without the help of the teaching staff and the best friends I made here I wouldn't be moving to London in September, unsurprisingly with 3 of my best friends made here. 
Kirkham Henry will be a treasured memory and part of me forever." 
Caoimhe McCabe 
Principle Dancer, Costa Cruise Lines 
"I enjoy going back to Kirkham Henry to see the talented young stars loving what they do best - perform! 
I am currently in my third and final year at Northern Ballet School in Manchester, taking a full time vocational course in Ballet and Theatre Arts. My three years here have prepared me for work as a professional dancer and I am confident that I am going to achieve my life-long ambition. Many people have helped me along the way, from dance teachers to mechanics, who helped keep my mums battered car on the road ! However Kirkham Henry has been and, still is of vital importance to me. 
Angela Kirkham helped me greatly over a very difficult time and continues to be a guide and mentor to me. I also feel the studios are a second home to me as it has a family atmosphere, where everyone has worth.. and belongs ! 
Angela has given so much of her own time helping me with technique, artistry and my confidence. She is someone you can turn to for real help and advice and nothing is too much trouble for her. The whole staff at the school has every child’s welfare at heart and provide a caring and loving atmosphere for every student. 
It is the centre of the community, children can stay all day doing homework, socialising and of course dancing. They are welcome anytime and not just for classes. I feel exceptionally lucky to be a part of the Kirkham Henry family." 
"Kirkham Henry means I can enjoy all types of dancing by my brilliant and hard-working teachers. 
To me it’s not just a dance school, its one big family." 
Olivia Roberts (age 11) 
"I love coming to Kirkham Henry as it somewhere I can express myself, and I love to dance. 
It opens up lots of opportunities for me too. I love being part of a big family and all the teachers are really good and helpful, so without Kirkham Henry I would be so disappointed and upset. 
I think it’s great how we all support each other." 
Megan Danby 
"Performing Arts and Kirkham Henry has been a great passion of mine from the age of 2. My earliest memories are of being looked after by two senior students and helped in my baby ballet class. 
I have always appreciated how lucky Malton is to have such a fantastic school and such professional teachers. As I have grown up I have learned many things from my experiences at Kirkham Henry. I am grateful for the discipline I have been taught which I will carry throughout my whole life. There have been tears, sulks and laughs along the way but Miss Angela is like a second mum, there to look out for me and to guide me in the right direction. 
All the teachers have given me the chance to fulfill my potential, and I would like to thank you Miss Angela and Kirkham Henry for making me who I am today and I hope one day , to make you proud and show you I can make it, and repay you for your inspiration through teaching." x 
Beth Armstrong 
"Kirkham Henry is one of my most favourite places in the world. I do lots of classes in ballet, jazz, tap etc and all my teachers teach me really well and I am very grateful. 
Miss Angela is the best head a dance school could have, we all love her to bits and I’m so glad to have her teach me." 
Leo Rowell 
"I started Kirkham Henry when I was just 14, and it was honestly the best decision I made. 
Going from being a young, shy individual to a confident and empathetic performer, Kirkham Henry changed my life. Without Kirkham Henry, I wouldn't be the person and performer that I am now and I am forever grateful to all the teachers at Kirkham Henry for helping me. 
The association with Ryedale Youth Theatre is something that makes Kirkham Henry so unique. Taking part in both CATS and Starlight Express have to be two of the best shows I've ever been in! Kirkham Henry helped me improve my dance skills greatly, from only being able to jazz dance to me now being at Silver Jazz and Tap and having a good understanding of Ballet of whom I am forever thankful to Miss Angela, Miss Ali, Miss Rebecca and Miss Katherine. Mr Martin helped take my singing to the next level and Miss Katherine helped me improve my acting and pronunciation. 
One person I must in particular thank for everything is Miss Angela - she's more than a dance teacher, she's honestly the best principal a dance school could have. You can always speak to her whenever you have problems and even in times of self-doubt, she helps you to realise that goals are never too far out of reach. 
Kirkham Henry has been a beacon of happiness in my life, one of which I hope will continue to shine brightly for years to come." 
Kirsty Pritchard 
"I joined Kirkham Henry aged three and thus began my love of ballet. Twenty-two years later I am an established ballet teacher in London. Within those years I danced in scholarship and associate programmes, shows at various opera houses, passed multiple examinations and took up full time training at The Royal Ballet School and Northern Ballet School. All these opportunities were facilitated, driven and encouraged by the Kirkham Henry faculty. 
As a teacher now I can fully understand the lengths they go to in order to provide the best possible training, this cannot be said for every dance school. During my teaching degree I often reflected upon the experiences I had as a student and the influence of Miss Angela and Miss Catherine were always at the forefront. I feel that the school gave me more than a classical ballet training, I grew up there, I learnt how to push myself and understand the limitations of my body, I learnt a self-discipline that has influenced every aspect of my life to date. 
You get more than a ballet class at Kirkham Henry; you get a community and a way of life. I am yet to find a school in London that comes close to the standard of the one that introduced me to my career." 
Sophie Mort 
"Why I enjoy Kirkham Henry?……… well it’s a great way to keep me fit and its very enjoyable. 
Every day I look forward to going to dancing. I have made lots of new friends there that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I am not the most confident person but all the teachers have given me more confidence. They are very friendly and firm, but fair at the same time which I think is good." 
Abi Parkes 
"Kirkham Henry is a big part of my life and has been since I was 3. 
I love spending my Saturdays with everyone, including the teachers, some have a wicked sense of humour !! I know I can also confide in them too though. I love the organised theatre and show trips we all go on. 
I am taking a GCSE in Performing Arts at school and being a pupil at Kirkham Henry has helped me immensely in getting good grades as I can take some of my knowledge and experience I have learned here to help with my coursework." 
Rosie Riley 
"Kirkham Henry is so important to me because it’s like my second home and I love everyone who is part of it. 
I love dancing in festivals because I have this tingle in my body knowing everyone is watching me dance and can see what i can do, thanks to Kirkham Henry, and I always feel good. This means everything to me and I hope Kirkham Henry will continue in the future so others can have the same unforgettable experience I have had. 
I can still remember my first dance and first song - it was such a special moment. We have all become very fond of this school and it would be heart-breaking to see the building used for anything else. I want the spirit of Kirkham Henry to go on forever." 
Elizabeth Haigh 
"Simply.. Kirkham Henry is my life ! Full of my closest friends. 
Kirkham Henry has, and always will be my second home. I sometimes think i spend more time here than I do in my own home. The teachers have become a big part of my life, helping me to be the best I can be. 
If I was to have an idol, it would be Angela Kirkham. She has always been there for any problems I have had, and not just dance related but life in general. She has helped me and my friends to excel and shine in whatever we do. 
Kirkham Henry has given me qualities that will not only help me in musical theatre, but in everyday life… self-discipline and respect for myself and others, at the top of the list." 
Sophie Roger 
"Kirkham Henry has changed my life! 
Without coming to dancing each week, my life would be so boring. I love to meet my friends and dancing always puts a big smile on my face. I love all my classes as I know I’m at a professional dance school with great teachers. 
It has given me so much confidence." 
Charlie Armstrong 
"Kirkham Henry is a great place to exercise and have fun with your dancing. 
I love being there with lots of new friends, and especially love the Drama and Ballet, as I love acting. I can’t wait to go to my classes at Kirkham Henry because all the teachers make the lessons fun and exciting.. always teaching us new things" 
Emily Boyes 
"I have been at Kirkham Henry since I was 3 years old, and have enjoyed every part of it. It has become a big part of my life and means a lot to me. 
It teaches me discipline and how to behave and also teaches me good manners. I enjoy the performing side of things in all the shows and festivals as it gives me a lot of confidence. 
I have made new friendships and dancing keeps us motivated. It’s also very rewarding, because you always praise people and help them to be better dancers and this gives you more confidence and builds your self-esteem. 
I feel sad when I see other children hanging around street corners but am glad that at Kirkham Henry I have something more positive and rewarding to do. Without them I wouldn’t have the confidence and the skills and determination to keep trying my best. 
Thank you." 
Katy & Livi Hammond 
"We love coming to Kirkham Henry, it’s a really nice atmosphere, friendly and (usually) stress free, making it easy for you to just ‘dance’ and not worry about other things in life. 
Maybe we don’t tell you often enough what you and the school mean to us, I think it’s because people don’t always appreciate what they have until it’s not there, and now I , myself am leaving I finally realised and appreciate what you have given me over the years. 
I am going to miss it very much when I leave." 
Woman in Black trip 
Here are just a couple of comments from our students and parents; 
“Hi Miss Angela and Mr Andrew, I had a great time in London. It was an amazing experience going to Covent Garden and spending all my money! The underground was scary but fun and I loved seeing the Royal Opera House and The Royal Ballet School, it was great. The play ‘Woman in Black’ was great (even though it was really scary). The Fortune Theatre was a lot smaller than I expected but the atmosphere and the sound effects were unbelievable. Thank you for taking us on this trip to London, I loved it." LIANNA HART 
“the woman in black day out was amazing , the theatre was fantastic and jumpy and I enjoyed every moment of it! Also the day in London was great, even with a few hours shopping couldn’t get better. The flim was unreal!” MIN MUANKEAW 
“Our trip to London to see ‘Woman in Black’ was fantastic. We travelled down at 9am on the train and when arriving we went shopping! We got to see a huge part of London, and after we were shopped out we went to the theatre to see the Woman in Black. The theatre production was brilliant (very scary) and we had great seats. I thought it was amazing that the play only had 2 characters throughout the whole thing. The person who played the ‘woman in black’ was really frightening, especially when she walked down the aisle right by me….I screamed ! ! The journey home was very quick and I had an amazing day out, so……. Thank you to Mr Andrew, Miss Angela, Mrs Armstrong and everyone else who helped."  
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