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All of our April 2023 News 
2st April 2023 
KH Saturdays- End of term - 
Singing , acting and dancing all day long!  
Huge thanks to our wonderful teachers, assistants, pupils, volunteers, Friends of KH , families and supporters for a great term. Photos of some of our todays inclusive classes and one of Mary-Kate improvising with the help of Imogen ( 1-1 volunteer senior supporting Mary-Kate) 
Also 🥲 Josh’s last jazz class with his classmates and Miss Evie - who is there amongst the senior 1’s. 😘 We’re taking a break from our social media and we will not be posting regularly. 
An Easter message sent from Auntie Sue ( Director) 
From an Easter reflection sent to Auntie Sue. 
A book in the spirituality section of a school library jumped out to me the other day. Written by Nathan Bryon, ‘Look Up!’, encourages the reader to stop staring down at phone screens and look up at the wonder of creation in the night sky. . In the words of American poet, Mary Oliver ‘Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.’ I think Mary Oliver is encouraging all to look beyond the probable, look beyond the possible, to look up. Happy Easter everyone 💖 
5th April 2023 
We’re highly delighted with the results which are already in for our RAD intermediate ballet examination pupils. 
Eloise -Distinction 
Steph- High Merit 
Emma-High Merit 
Evie- High Merit 
Thanks to Miss Angela for all the exam preparation, well done girls, all your hard work paid off. 
6th April 2023 
Here’s a lovely quick update from Hermione  
(oldest daughter of Dan one of our volunteer Directors and Sara) 
Can’t believe I am nearing the end of my 2nd year at GSA! ( Guildford School of Acting ) 
Time goes so fast.  
We have just finished our projects and looking forward to starting on new material after Easter. Hope everyone is doing well, 
10th April 2023 
KH friends,stay friends - 
would anyone like to share their friendship photos over the years? Here’s Steph and Eloise, we know there’s many more!  
Thank you for sharing your KH friendship photos , here’s Kacey-Leigh and Tilly and Isobel. Lovely friendship trio x 
And also Joni and Sophie in their first showtime and our last Kh showtime in the summer of 2022. What cuties you were, still best pals and still dancing together. Anyone else have any photos to share. ??? 
11th April 2023 
On world Parkinson’s day, we wish to send all our love to our dancing with Parkinson’s participants.  
Don’t forget Keeeeep Dancing ❤️ 
16th April 2023 
Sunday morning smiles- 
Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break , whether you managed to have a rest from Taxi of Mum and Dad or indeed had time away. 
I have news for you all and that is I have an illustrated children’s book coming out soon. It is due to be published at the end of the month and although I’m apprehensive, I’m also very excited. The book is called Rosie O’Hara the Theatre Cat.  
Rosie lives at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden which is where she got her name due to the initials ROH. The book is for parents to read to young children or for those just starting to read for themselves.  
I’ll keep you informed as I find out more details, as you can imagine,this is all new to me. It’s been a long time coming as I wrote the book years ago and John encouraged me to seek a publisher, something I didn’t do.  
However during lockdown shortly after John passed away, I thought,why not try to get published as John always tried to persuade me. 
I’m hoping children will love it and only time will tell but I can at least be satisfied that I did give it a go and starting with A from a list of publishers I sent off my manuscript to Austin Macauley Publishers and received a YES. 
More info coming soon. Miss Angela 
17th April 2023 
It’s good to be back - can you believe on this day in 2021 we were having to social distance and everyone had to remain in their 2 metre squares!  
We’re still grateful to The Milton Rooms for their support as we needed 2 venues to accommodate the social distancing. Just look how much this gang have changed! 😃 
19th April 2023 
We’re thrilled to receive our new certification for our People Dancing membership. 
People Dancing is the development organisation for community and participatory dance, driving forward inclusion and excellence and supporting a UK-wide network of members - dance artists and organisations - who make great dance happen in all its diversity. 
People Dancing’s creative work is focused on a clear, dynamic approach to innovation and creative learning.  
Setting out different approaches to different areas of participatory dance, presents People Dancing’s work and priorities to audiences and stakeholders in distinct and relevant ways. 
22nd April 2023 
KH Saturdays-  
What a great day at The Milton Rooms for the Rotary club involve event.  
Thanks to Helen from Friends of KH and Miss Angela for manning our stall (as our other teachers were busy at KH). Thanks to our Dance Festival Team for performing so well (due to only a 15 minute time slot, we had to use first reply rule for anyone on Team KH to take part)  
However our young performers represented the whole of KH admirably by the wonderful comments of audience. 👏👏 
23rd April 2023 
Sunday morning smiles- Here’s a lovely catch up from Romy. 
Hi, it’s Romy here with a little update of what I’ve been up to in the last year. I’m currently nearing the end of my second year at the London College of Music, and I can’t believe it - it’s going by so fast. I feel so lucky to be training at LCM, I’ve grown so much as a performer and there’s still more room to grow. The teachers I have are incredible and I’m surrounded by supportive class mates which has made my time here so far inspiring. I’ve been absolutely swept away by life down here; I have everything at my front door… including the west end - I’ve seen so many shows I’ve lost count! 
I am looking forward to see what third year has in store for me, I have to submit my auditions for the shows in June so fingers crossed! 
I have to thank Kirkham Henry, of course, my training there has helped me to be the performer I am today. Also, thanks to all the girls in my old dance classes I miss you all! 
Thanks for your update Romy -Keep smiling 💖 
24th April 2023 
Here’s another lovely catch up from Sophie.... 
I am currently in my final term of first year at Addict Dance Academy and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, feels like yesterday we were getting ready to do showcase at KH!  
There are a wide variety of lessons at Addict and in particular I am enjoying the challenge of taking classes in styles I haven't really done before such as commercial, hip hop and Latin. 
I am currently doing assessments in my dance lessons and working towards the summer show that will be performed at the end of June. 
I hope that everyone is well, 
Sophie x 
Hope you keep enjoying your time there Sophie, thanks for updating us all ❤️ 
26th April 2023 
Look at me oh, look at me oh, look at me I’m dancing.  
Pretty arms, Demi plies, pointy toes and hugs, they are all part of our ballet buddies.  
Don’t forget 3 for free - yes 3 free trial lessons, enabling everyone to settle in before the need to enrol.  
Keeeeep dancing 
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