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What's been happening at Kirkham Henry in October 
Thank you Miss Evie for fabulous Junior and Senior Commercial workshops this afternoon after a very busy morning of MNMT Panto dancer auditions. Never a dull moment at KH 
Kirkham Henry Saturdays! 
KH Saturdays... never a dull moment during a busy Saturday. Opening up and making the studios warm and welcoming at 8.30am greeting our families and having fun working hard with all the children in their classes. 
Everyone working really hard towards exams and festivals coming up shortly. 
Thank-you to all our lovely teaching assistants for making sure each child arrives safely in their next class and for being so supportive and kind to everyone and for stepping in to help the teachers at a moments notice. It’s a very long day for some of the teachers but full of fun x 
We love KH 
Tutu Tuesday! 
It’s Tutu Tuesday - Introducing our very own Sugar Plum fairy appearing in our Youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. 
Hi, my name is Ella and I'm 15 years old. I'm playing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker and I'm super excited! I can not wait! X 
World Singing Day 
Happy world singing day everyone. Here’s our choir singing and Makaton signing ‘Can you hear my voice’ from Showcase 2019. (This is filmed from KH computer so the sound is taken from KH iPhone and not the high quality you will receive on your DVD. )Have you ordered your DVD as all payment needs to be in asap. Enjoy 
The Nutcracker 
Here’s our gorgeous girls rehearsing The Arabian dance from our Christmas production of The Nutcracker 22nd Dec. 
Kirstie - I like the style 
Issy- It’s very intricate 
Jess- you have to have flexible wrists !😊 
Sophie- you need core stability and control. Tickets on sale soon. 
Eloise in Nutcracker principal role! 
Hi I’m Eloise and I’m 11 years old! I’m really excited to be given the role of Clara in the nutcracker, I love ballet and can’t wait to perform it at Christmas! Hope to see you all there xxx 
The last role of Clara was played by Miss Sophie way back in 2010 - he’s wishing Eloise all the best for this principal role. 
Danielle and Mary Poppins 
Wishing former pupil Danielle ( Brown) all the very best as Mary Poppins goes into preview. Danielle is the second KH pupil to appear in Mary Poppins in The West End of London, Pippa Raine appeared as part of the original cast in 2004/5 and is credited on the original cast recording. All the best Danielle from your KH family 
Halloween Fun! 
Kh saturdays... Halloween fun all day with lots of excited children in their costumes . The hard work had to continue tho with exam work and festival rehearsals but that didn’t stop us all having fun making up Halloween dances and writing song lyrics. Miss Angela and Miss Nicky we’re poorly today and not able to join in the fun but we took some photos to cheer them up a little. We hope you feel better soon 
A big thank you to Miss Abi and Miss Millie for teaching the whole morning of singing lessons and to Miss Hermione for the two afternoon classes until Miss Kyla could take over Miss Alice was great covering tap too Thanks to all 
We hope all the teachers have a lovely evening at the Pride of Malton and Norton Awards dinner. 
Outstanding Achievement Award 
Sunday morning Smiles - I am totally overwhelmed that KH has won The Outstanding achievement award at last nights Pride of Malton and Norton community awards. It’s truly wonderful that our whole organisation has been recognised and no one is singled out as we always work as a team. Unfortunately I had to miss the ceremony due to having a dreadful stomach bug on top of me losing my voice.(at least I’ve got half term to try to pick up) I’m so glad Uncle John could step in Miss Nicky’s place for the event as she too is poorly. It was also lovely having Ben ( Greenhough) nominated for bright young star, on out table together with his Mum and Dad. To get such a recognition for the 30 years of teaching thousands of children and adults makes me extremely proud of all our wonderful staff. 
I can’t begin to thank our amazing teachers who all go beyond the necessary to nurture and train our pupils in such a caring atmosphere. Being an inclusive school where children and adults of special education needs, physical disabilities, neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Autism, dementia, sight support and much more can train and have fun alongside our pupils who attend purely as a hobby or fast track in their vocational classes to gain professional status and go into the performing arts industry, (or attend separate classes if they feel more comfortable to do so,) I’m proud beyond words. 
Being a mentally healthy school with membership of time4change regarding ending the stigma on mental health and well-being in the performing arts sector, having an open office where children feel at ease coming to talk and also being Makaton friendly makes our teachers extra special to me and now we’re even working towards our Dementia friendly status. 
May I take this opportunity to thank the following -our volunteer Mums who help on the registration desk for many an hour and help chaperone. 
To our friends of KH for helping with fund raising and social events . When Miss Jennie and I wanted to secure the future of the building for the community, on advice from a solicitor so I could never lose control of KH, (which could happen in a charity) we became a Community interest company so the building is now asset locked. 
I’d like to thank those directors who over the almost 10 years of a CIC totally believed in me and the KH ethos and indeed respected my position as Principal of our highly reputable performing Arts social enterprise and have congratulated me personally on such an achievement over the 30 KH years and indeed of the 48 years I’ve been teaching altogether. 
To all our supporters who genuinely are proud of our success and all their congratulations they’ve sent during our 30 year celebrations. 
To my family and friends who have supported and encouraged me through the good times and recently difficult times. In the Same week of my Mum’s ( Grandma Molly’s) funeral, this award means so much, as no one was more proud of the achievements and success of Kirkham Henry Performing Arts than Grandma Molly. Thank you to everyone- remember Miss Jennie and my idea of giving the building to the community was so KH can go on for ever and with teaching staff of all ages some with years of experience in every style of dance, singing or acting to our new enthusiastic younger staff members , KH has a wealth of expertise to continue for another 30 years and longer. When all Kirkham school of dancing pupils found themselves able to train in singing and acting the transition was easy. When our dance festival kids won The All England classical group section in London during our first year of KH, ( 1989)I knew this was going to be a special place. Miss Angela. 
Dance Festivals 
Day 2 of Dance festivals and another great day with lots of medals all round . Team spirit is high and lots of mums comment on how friendly and supportive we all are of each other. 
Well done again .  
Everyone should be very proud of your achievements, you are all winners x 
Festival Fun! 
Evening everyone and Happy Halloween ! 
Hope you are all enjoying your half term and that all the festival parents and children have had a chance for a well earned rest after all the dancing and fun over the past 4 days. 
It was a lovely end to the festival last night when team KH,, along with all the other dancing schools competing, recieved a huge ice lolly for being so good. It certainly woke them all up a little. Just an update on our medal and trophy total ( full results to follow ) and a few last pictures. 
63 Medals and 12 trophies overall. Fantastic Team KH. 
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