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What's been happening at Kirkham Henry in November 
The Nutcracker! 
Here’s our lovely ballerinas from the Dance of the Merlitons ( Reed pipes ) Sophie - I’m enjoying learning the dance as the reed pipe looks like a caramel wafer 😱 
Jess - the choreography is very advanced. 
Maddison- it’s a very difficult dance but I’ll work hard to keep up with the others. 
Issy - it’s hard using the prop as you change hands but I’m enjoying using it. 
Tickets are now on sale for our performance of this magical children’s Christmas ballet Sunday 22nd December 2.30 matinee and 6.30 early evening click here. Please share with friends and family. 
Hans Peter the Nutcracker Prince 
Hi my name is Jack, I am extremely excited on playing the role of Hans Peter the Nutcracker Prince in our Youth Theatre production of The Nutcracker. 
Tickets on sale at  
Sunday 22nd December matinee 2.30 and Early evening 6.30pm 
Dominic Weatherill 
Brilliant news from former pupil Dominic Weatherill who has landed a role in a film called Give them wings.  
Congratulations Dom from everyone at KH. 
INITIAL filming started this weekend for upcoming movie “Give Them Wings” which follows the struggle of wheelchair-user and meningitis sufferer Paul Hodgson. 
The film explores how Quakers fan Mr Hodgson, from Darlington, was left unable to move or speak in the years following his diagnosis, whilst also highlighting how he made the best out of a bad situation. 
On Saturday, film director Sean Cronin, who has worked on Harry Potter, The World Is Not Enough and the fifth Mission Impossible, was at Darlington FC’s Blackwell Meadows ground for the team’s match against Hereford to get some action shots for the film. 
The story of the Mr Hodgson’s childhood struggles with the disease has attracted a cast including the likes of Toyah Willcox and Holby City actor Bill Fellow. 
Dominic will be playing the role of Richard a good friend of Paul Hodgson. 
Auditions & scholarship successes! 
Here’s some of our children and youth ambassadors who have been successful in auditions and various prestigious scholarships. 
Evie Bates- English Youth Ballet 
Sophie Collier- Northern Ballet Senior Associate, Phoenix Youth Academy, International Dance Teachers Association scholarship nominee. English Youth Ballet ( place not taken) 
Ava-Lily Cooke - Northern Ballet centre of advanced training. (CAT scheme) 
Xanthe Cooke- English Youth Ballet 
Isobel Cooke - English Youth Ballet ( not photographed) 
Hannah Copley - English Youth Ballet 
Maddison Farmer - York Dance Scholars 
Matilda Gledhill - York Dance Scholars 
Jack Gibson - Northern Ballet intermediate Associates, English Youth Ballet. 
Eloise Myers- Northern Ballet Intermediate Associates, English Youth Ballet. 
Isla McDaid Phoenix youth Academy ( not photographed) 
Ella Piercy - Phoenix Youth Academy, Performers elite team, English Youth Ballet scholarship, Can You Dance Intensive scholarship, International Dance Teachers Association Scholarship nominee. 
Scarlett Rich-Spriggs - English Youth Ballet ( not photographed) 
Jack Robinson- Can You Dance intensive scholarship 
Beatrice Small - English Youth Ballet 
Jess Swindells - Northern Ballet Senior Associates, Phoenix Youth Academy, English Youth Ballet ( place not taken) 
Lincoln Walsh - English Youth Ballet special award. 
Riley Walsh- English Youth Ballet 
Sasha Wilson- Can You Dance intensive scholarship. 
Why not come along to see some of these award winning young people and many more, dancing in our Christmas production of The Nutcracker at Norton College 22nd December 2.30 and 6.30pm. Tickets from 
Rememberance Day 
I am extremely proud to represent Malton as an independent councillor for Ryedale District Council. Being at Malton cenotaph this morning seeing so many young people turn up for the service and parade gives one hope for a peaceful future in our world. Knowing also that our KH young people who were rehearsing for Panto would be traditionally observing the 2 minute silence due to the thoughtfulness of Miss Joanne and Miss Rebecca. (the juniors requesting to continue watching the parade on TV whilst they had their snack break.) I was genuinely taken back by seeing the amount of young families in the crowd who had come along out of respect, it was truly heartwarming to see these young children observing and being taught by their parents the importance of the day. Seeing all generations standing as one, brings me back to how proud I am of our wonderful community. Well done everyone and to Suddabys for kindly supplying a wonderful spread plus Teas and coffees for the crowd afterwards. Miss Angela. 
"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them.” 
Thank you Dr. Sue Hawes ( Malton Town Council) and Miss Joanne for the lovely photographs. 
"At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" 
Our gorgeous Theatre tots in their let’s pretend class this morning, observing the 2 minute silence the best way we could think of !  
Miss Joanne. 
The Nutcracker 
Here’s our gorgeous Mice and Soldiers rehearsing the battle for our Christmas production of The Nutcracker 22nd December 2.30 & 6.30. Tickets from 
Herr Drosselmeyer 
Hi my name is Josh and I am playing the part of Herr Drosselmeyer in our youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker on 22nd December. 
This will be my first full length Ballet, I love working with the cloak that Auntie Von made 9 years ago for another Josh ( Kenyon) who played Drosselmeyer.  
Tickets on sale at 
Kirkham Henry Saturdays 
KH Saturdays - what a great day of Singing , drama, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, improvisation, piano, theory, creative, theatre craft, choreography and much more. From our Theatre Tots to our Vocational Advanced seniors the studios, family area and changing rooms were buzzing with enthusiasm, laughter and chatter. Here’s a bunch of our preps in Miss Joannes class with Abi assisting and Miss Kyla’s cheeky adorable class. What a lovely way to start the day. 
Drosselmyer's Assistant 
Hi my name is Aimee-Lee I’m playing the role of Drosselmyers assistant in our Youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker on 22nd December.  
It is my first full length ballet just like Josh ( Drosselmyer ) and I’m also dancing in the land of the Snowflakes, I’m Loving rehearsals.  
Tickets on sale from 
Sunday morning thoughts 
It’s been an extremely busy week with family observations and swapping studios to accommodate everyone. May I thank you the parents and Grandparents for your support and encouragement during this weeks observations. 
It’s so difficult for our teachers when we’re approaching exam days as it’s inevitable some children will have not reached the required standard. For our teachers who have tried their utmost in encouraging practice and commitment, it’s always the dreaded time if they have to recommend a child waits a little longer to enter for their particular exam. Even though the majority of parents totally understand that their child needs more time, there is usually one parent who just doesn’t realise by a teacher recommending a child waits it is for their own benefit and not because the teacher just doesn’t want the child to take the exam. 
Our seniors are trained to the level that they understand if they’re ready or not and will request themselves to wait until a future session if they are not confident or happy in their performance. 
It’s the parents who want their child to take an exam because their child’s friend is taking it that make our teachers life more difficult. We’d all have a far easier life if every child reached the requirements at the same time but no child is the same. This is the very reason some children choose not to take exams, they work just as hard in class and move up accordingly without the pressure. Yet a lot of children and young people thrive on working towards a goal and need that little extra push. 
Over the years we’ve had parents take their child out of KH because our teachers recommended that child waited for another exam session. This was even though their child either had no idea of the syllabi, choreography, technique, musicality and performance skills. 
Our youth ballets production of The Nutcracker on 22nd of December is inclusive and all pupils of the required age were invited to take part no matter their ability. So our gifted and advanced pupils work alongside pupils who may take longer to understand the complexities of their role but have equal enthusiasm to their friend with a more natural ability. 
Rehearsals can be difficult when some children pick up the choreography easily and others take hours to retain the information. Yet everyone is striving to put on the best show they can or gain the highest mark when it comes to exams. 
We must thank parents who encourage their children to practice and actively take an interest. Thank you once again for your lovely words you’ve passed on to our teachers after watching classes this week. Here’s to this weeks observations, hard work, fun and laughter. 
Miss Angela. 
Rose Fairy and Sugarplum Fairy 
Here’s Sophie and Ella who are playing the role of Rose Fairy and Sugarplum Fairy in our Production of The Nutcracker 22nd December at Norton College. Sophie has just gained a place at Northern Ballet School Manchester and Ella at Performers college Essex. Come along to see both girls and many more in our youth ballet. 2.30 and 6.30. 
Dancing for Blind 
What a wonderful taster session we had this morning with Dancing for Blind and visual impairment. We had such fun with everyone, it truly lifted our spirits as everyone had such a fabulous sense of humour. Grateful thanks to Miss Joanne and Miss Evie who volunteered together with Miss Angela and Miss Kyla. We received very positive response during tea and coffee time afterwards. Our photo is of Mille the guide dog who sat patiently through out the session. We’ve already had an email to request a weekly session in the New Year. 
The Prince 
Hi my name is Charlie and I am playing the part of The Prince in our Youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. I am enjoying rehearsing the pas de deux with Ella who is our Sugar Plum Fairy. I feel honoured to have this role and although it’s really hard work I’m getting stronger with the lifts. 
The Nutcracker 22nd December 2.30 and 6.30. 
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