Malton, North Yorkshire 
Not so much 'flaming June' but lots of sunshine at Kirkham Henry! 

Malton & Norton District Lions 

Huge thanks to Malton, Norton and district Lions club - We are absolutely thrilled to announce we have been awarded £400 towards training for our Dance4Dementia and neurological conditions classes. Due to the lack of accessible parking at KH we are desperately seeking an accessible venue where we can hold these feel good classes. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. 
In April 2016 Miss Angela was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship from Lions clubs international foundation for dedicated humanitarian services. (We believe the first ever non Lions member to do so. )KH continues with its inclusive services for the community thanks to the generous donations. All enquiries 

CYD Dance Convention Awards 

Congratulations team KH for a great CYD Can you dance convention with 3 awards to Ella , Sasha and Jack. Thanks kids for being great ambassadors for KH and thank you Miss Sarah for organising the trip. Miss Angela x 
Miss Sarah here... finally home after a busy day at CYD. 
All the kids had a great time attending 3 workshops including commercial,MT & contemporary.(and spending lots of money on leotards, shoes and tshirts😂😂) 
Very well done to Ella,jack and Sasha for getting special awards. 
Even Dennis the bus driver said we were a pleasure to take... 
Well done team KH 

English Youth Ballet 

Congratulations to all 13 of our Ballet pupils who auditioned for English Youth Ballet this evening for all gaining a place and to Eloise and Ella for gaining scholarships. 
Lincoln , Riley, Xanthe, Eloise, Juniors 
Scarlett. ( Sophie C not in the photo) seniors 
How lovely to see such happy faces 
Go team KH 

Update from Leo 

Hello to everyone back home in Sunny Yorkshire! I’m currently somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea on our ‘sea day’ for our penultimate cruise of this contract! I am having the most fantastic time here on the AIDAstella! I have been so lucky to have such a fantastic itinerary around the Mediterranean and Canary Islands. Although I am the sole Brit here on the ship, I’m so fortunate to have made friends with some truly wonderful people stretching from Germany, to Ukraine, Brazil, India and the Philippines (just to name a few!). My job here on board is very good. The theatre on the ship is called the ‘theatrium’. This means that the theatre is actually at the centre of the ship meaning it’s the main hub. It means that we never have an empty theatre show, and it’s the centre of activity! We also get called ‘Aida Stars’ which sounds really corny, but it’s quite cool as well! On this contract, I sing a variety of material from Queen, to ABBA, to Michael Jackson to Musical Theatre and even German pop music! It’s been a fantastic contract, however as I now only have less than 2 weeks left, I can feel home calling. I’m looking forward to a month and a half of rest back home in Yorkshire before heading back out to Hamburg in August to rehearse for a bigger ship, the AIDAPerla for 2 months, and then being on sea from the end of September through till March 2020! Miss Ali said I would eventually catch the ship bug, and I most definitely have! Kirkham Henry really set me up for this lifestyle, and I’d like to thank everyone for their support. All the best to you all at home! Leo x 
KH sends you love and hugs Leo thanks for update, wishing you all the best for your next contract. 

Kirkham Henry Saturday! 

What a fabulous KH Saturday today . Exciting times getting out costumes and rehearsing . Great fun and we managed a fire drill and broke our record again well done everyone. 
To finish all the teaching staff had an amazing relaxing evening out to celebrate 30 yrs of KH x It was great to spend time together laughing and reminiscing. Thanks everyone for making it such fun x 

The Barricade Boys in Trafalgar Square! 

Watch The Barricade Boys in Trafalgar Square performing on West End Live, last weekend. How proud are we of former pupil Scott Garnham the brainchild behind The Barricade Boys and how lucky were we to perform with them at The Grand Opera House York. 

Dance4Parkinsons to Kirkham Henry 

We are thrilled and proud to be bringing our successful Dance4Parkinsons classes ( York) to Kirkham Henry Tuesdays at 1pm in September. Recommended by Dr. Heseltine specialist in Parkinson’s and the elderly. Quote from Joan wife of one of our Parkinson’s dancers 
“ I didn’t ever think I’d be dancing with my husband ever again, it’s magic. “ 
For more information email or telephone 01653693310 - Thanks to NYCC Stronger Communities grant and Malton Lions. Teachers Angela Kirkham and Michaela Kemp assisted by Joanne Dawson and Sophie Roger. 

Miss Angela at St John's University 

What an amazing day Miss Angela has had at St. John’s University York discussing Dance for Parkinson’s, Dance for Dementia, Poetry and empathy amongst many topics covered. Thanks to NYCC Stronger Communities fund and Malton Lions. KH can offer these classes alongside our York Dance for Parkinson’s. Starting in September Tuesdays at 1pm. 

Makaton Friendly School Accreditation 

We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded a Makaton friendly school accreditation. Huge thanks to Miss Nicky for all the hours she put in to help us gain this wonderful award. 
Massive thanks also to our teachers and assistants who attended our Makaton course in March in order to set in motion being a Makaton friendly school. 
Miss Joanne is on a two day course this weekend and the second photograph shows only the work from today so more tomorrow. 
From the Makaton charity -Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life. Almost everything we do involves communication; everyday tasks such as learning at school, asking for food and drink, sorting out problems, making friends and having fun. These all rely on our ability to communicate with each other. 
Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order. 
With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols. Many people then drop the signs or symbols naturally at their own pace, as they develop speech. 
For those who have experienced the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully or effectively, Makaton really can help. Makaton takes away that frustration and enables individuals to connect with other people and the world around them. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. 
Thanks to NYCC Stronger Communities fund together with Malton Lions to enable our staff access the top training. 
Keeping the KH ethos as a caring school is so important to all our teachers so congratulations Team KH. We will now be on another national register as KH cares. 

Makaton course for Miss Joanne 

To thoroughly embrace KH award of being a Makaton friendly school Miss Joanne has been on a very intensive Makaton course this weekend thanks to NYCC Stronger Communities inspire fund. 
“I’ve learnt over 300 signs & their relevant symbols over 2 days. we’ve covered 4 modules including how to teach & use makaton in everyday life and how useful it is for everyone from babies not yet able to speak through to children & adults with special educational needs including those with autism, Down syndrome or challenging behaviour and also the elderly including those with dementia. Our tutor is attending northern ballet this week to teach a taster workshop as they are keen to use it in their setting. I can’t wait to incorporate all I’ve learnt into our classes and around kh.” Miss Joanne 
Very proud of you Miss Jo for adding yet another wonderful qualification to our certificate folder. 
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