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All of our February 2022 News 
3rd February 2022 
On this Theatre Thursday here’s a fabulous update from former pupil and cover teacher Katy Clarke. 
Hi Everyone! 
After a few difficult years, with the performing arts industry taking a huge hit; I feel incredibly lucky to say that I will be starting my next contract on the seas with Royal Caribbean Cruises, onboard Voyager of the Seas for 9 months as Dancer Vocalist. 
Since graduating, RCCL has been my dream company to work for and to have achieved this now is a huge step in my career, I can’t wait to be sailing from Europe to Russia to America and even the Caribbean. 
I wish everyone all the best for the year ahead and hopefully this is a promise of the world getting through the hard times we’ve had! 
Love Katy x 
We’re so pleased for you Katy 👏👏👏💝 
6th February 2022 
What a great afternoon watching Head girl, Sophie Collier, perform as ‘young dancer’ in David Walliams #gangstagranny Grand Opera House, York.  
What a fun show, made even funnier by listening to the young children giggling away.  
Who would have thought when Sophie appeared in our Showtime 2012 at the Grand Opera House that she would be performing as a professional 10 years later.  
Well done Sophie, we’re all very proud of you.  
From Team KH ❤️ 
8th February 2022 
The results are in - Yes our IDTA ‘real live’ examiner hasn’t wasted time. Congratulations to everyone who entered for their Ballet, tap, theatre craft and classical performers. You all got great marks and we got 5 results of 90 and over for all age groups. Well done guys 👏👏 
11th February 2022 
**Brilliant update from former pupil Hannah Richardson** 
Hello all at KH, 
Hoping everyone is well and good! 
A little update 🙂 
I’ve been working on a Short Film for a few months now - 'Then, Again’. 
It is currently being entered into various film festivals worldwide! I’m quite overwhelmed with how the film has been recognised so far - it has recently won its first ‘Best Short Film’ Award in a Bulgarian Festival. 
Being a crew of only two, myself and Edward Thompson (Cinematographer) made this film from scratch. We wrote, directed and recorded original music covers, so a lot of hard work and freezing cold days filming! 
The film will be going up on Paus Tv for an exclusive online premiere on the 22nd February at 6pm. If you’d like to tune in to watch, all you need to do is follow the link below to sign up for a FREE ticket! 
I’d really appreciate it if the event could be passed on to friends and family - the more tickets booked, the better the film will do on the Paus Tv platform! 
Hope you enjoy! 
Thanks so much. 
Sending love to all! 
Hannah X 
Wishing all the best for your film Hannah, who has recommended an age 12 certificate 
What an amazing achievement for your nominations. 
Hannah mentioned - 
The link will take you to the Event page on which you just have to click where it says ‘register’. From there you can enter your name and email and again underneath to get the ticket. 
You should then get a confirmation email. 
You can watch it online no problem - or you can also download the Paus Tv app - there should be a link to it when you sign up! 
Congratulations to you both. 
Do please share this post with your family and friends. 👏👏👏👏 
'Then, Again' by Edward Thompson & Hannah Richardson/24-hour premiere event 
14th February 2022 
Another set of fabulous results are in- this time our RAD filmed grade 2’s and 5’s, the first results with the new RAD marking. 
1 Merit, 4 High Merit ( the new grading) 4 Distinction.  
Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Miss Kyla and Miss Angela for preparing everyone. 
We mustn’t forget Miss Rebecca for her expert filming. 👏👏 
16th February 2022 
Huge congratulations to Lincoln for receiving an IDTA theatre award nomination after taking his Intermediate Ballet Examination.  
Well done to Miss Joanne for all her hard work preparing Lincoln for this intermediate performers exam, where technique and artistry go hand in hand. 👏 
17th February 2022 
Lovely to hear Maddie had a fabulous time this week, joining Junior Associates of The Royal Ballet School from all over the UK for a day of Historical dance.  
How many of you have had a photograph taken by the statue of Dame Margot Fonteyn in Covent Garden opposite The Royal Opera House and along from The Royal Ballet upper school where Maddie spent her day. 👏 
18th February 2022 
Never mind storm Eunice, these Golden Gliders are our ambassadors for social prescribing.  
They dance and exercise a storm every Tuesday morning with the moto Move it or lose it. -You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing. 
There's strong evidence that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia. 
If you want to stay pain-free, reduce your risk of mental illness, and be able to go out and stay independent well into old age, you're advised to keep moving. 
Recent evidence suggests that regular exercise can reduce the risk of falling in older adults. 
So what should we all be doing? Keeeeeeep dancing ❤️ 
20th February 2022 
Sunday morning smiles.... 
What a fabulous half term we’ve had, with lots of success in exams, scholarship nominations and professional debuts amongst other achievements. I’m so proud of all the camaraderie amongst class mates when someone achieves a wonderful exam result or successful audition. The genuine happiness for each other is infectious, showing the true KH spirit. 
Yesterday Friends of Kirkham Henry organised a disco for our younger pupils and I can’t thank them enough. However, for me to hear our year 8 and 9’s talking about how exciting they were to come to the Disco as they haven’t been to anything in two years, brought a lump to my throat.  
To fundraise is essential for us as a not-for-profit CIC but to hear just how much the kids ( of all ages) including our ambassadors and assistants enjoyed themselves, means more to me than anything. 
Thank you, each and everyone of our KH staff, Directors, family, friends, patrons, volunteers, supporters for keeping up the ethos of KH and making it what it is today.  
Enjoy your half term. Miss Angela x 
23rd February 2022 
On this day 2013 our Patron of Kirkham Henry Youth Ballet and former pupil Samantha Raine retired as soloist of The Royal Ballet Company to take up the role as the company’s Ballet mistress.  
Miss Angela and family were privileged to be in the audience on what was an emotional but very proud evening.  
Sam is now Senior Répétiteur. 
24th February 2022 
Introducing Mary-Kate, who attends KH twice a week.  
Mary-Kate is none verbal and takes classes with Miss Kyla, Head of our SEND department.  
If you would like further information on our extra educational needs classes please email call in to see us or ring 01653693310 
26th February 2022 
Congratulations to Miss Nicky for gaining more qualifications over the half term. 
Hi everyone Miss Nicky here! 
I was really pleased this week to gain ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) certified Registered Private Teacher status. 
I, like all KH staff, have had enhanced DBS checks through Kirkham Henry’s stringent safeguarding procedures which we all sign up to in our work at the centre. However, for me to fulfil my freelance work with under 18s outside of the centre in a private capacity a separate Enhanced DBS check is required so having ISM RPT status is beneficial as it demonstrates to current and potential pupils, and their parents, that I have been reference checked and criminal record checked by my professional body and that I have signed up to their Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, Code of Practice and Procedures as well, just like we have at KH. 
I look forward to seeing all my singers next week! Hope you have all had a great half term! 
Well done Miss Nicky 👏👏👏🎤🎼🎹 
27th February 2022 
Sunday evening smiles 
Celebrating 10 years of our Dancing with Parkinson’s classes.  
Here’s Jilly who lives with Parkinson’s and Neil her husband. sadly Jilly and Neil have danced their last class with us as they’re moving away to be nearer family in Worthing. 1st photo at their leaving surprise party. 
Jilly writes ... 
Joining the dance class soon after I moved to York ten years ago was the best thing I ever did. It is more 'music-and-movement' than anything - but it is a really good work-out too and Angela and her team are so aware of individuals' needs -- and are such an encouragement in every way. 
Meeting weekly, we can really enjoy fellowship together and sharing news, which is so building. We feel that we have become a family. 
Tomorrow we welcome back our Dancing for the blind and visually impaired after two full years of being away due to Covid. 2nd photo of Millie the guide dog watching a class in 2019.  
For more info on either class email 
28th February 2022 
Here’s Beryl Queen with her great granddaughter Anais Thackray, who is 4th generation KH.  
GG (Great Gran), as Beryl is known to Anais and family, comes to our GG class better known as Golden Gliders.  
Anais comes along to our Theatre Tots and Let’s pretend.  
Sue, Anais Grandma attends our Adult Tap class and Anais Dad Sam and Mum Bianca used to attend classes, together with Sam’s brothers Robbie and Jack and their sister Lauren. 
We have many third generation KH but not sure if we have any other 4th generation. Do let us know. ❤️ 
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