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2nd February 2021 
Happy World Tutu day everyone- Sending love to Auntie Von our amazing tutu maker for all the hours she donates in making the tutus. come on everyone fluff out your tutu and dance. ❤️ 
5th February 2021 
Former pupil update - Caitlin Walker.  
How lovely to hear what Caitlin is up to these days. 
Caitlin is working on the island of Jeju South Korea at the international school. It is amazing where dance takes you. 
She is at the International school (NLCS) on the graduate programme and is helping in the dance department working with 8-18 year olds. She should have gone out in July but because of COVID everything was delayed until January. She is there until June initially and has the option of a further year. She got a first in her degree at Laban which is amazing. 
Congratulations Caitlin from everyone at KH. Stay safe and Keeeeep dancing. 
Photo 1 Caitlin at a Korean bbq on her first day out of quarantine.  
Photo 2 Caitlin at Phoenix Youth Academy 2016  
Photo 3 A group of seniors when we went along to support Caitlin in one of her performances also 2016. 
8th February 2021 
On this day 2019  
Some members of our youth choir rehearsing with Miss Nicky to appear with Collabro at The Grand Opera House York later in the month.  
This photo was captured when Miss Nicky wanted to tidy up some of the harmonies.  
#KHmemories ❤️ 
11th February 2021 
Today is 'National Make a Friend Day'  
We mustn’t forget our friendships we hold dear to our hearts.  
To paraphrase Yeats: “There are no strangers in the world, just friends you have never met.”  
We must never stop making friends.  
That’s why 'National Make a Friend Day' is so important. A new friendship can open you to new experiences. Friends can help us through challenging times. They provide us with the comfort of a safe emotional space where we can be ourselves. Good friends are our biggest treasure.  
Make a special effort on February 11 to meet (or at least talk to) someone new.  
Your life could change forever. 
13th February 2021 
Miss Angela's 50yrs of Teaching Dance 
What a fabulous KH Saturday today .  
Not only were we at the end of our 6 weeks half term on zoom, which is a huge achievement, but we also I celebrated Miss Angela’s 50yrs of teaching dance - Wow. That is something to be very proud of. 
I am still so overwhelmed at how many of you joined our little party to help surprise Miss Angela with a wonderful presentation, video, and gifts. Yes everyone managed a few daft party dances too . The teachers can’t thank you all enough for your hard work and all the support you have given us and to bring everyone together as we did today was just fantastic . I hope you all enjoyed the messages of congratulations and recognised a few faces amongst past and present pupils, friends and families. 
Now everyone have a rest and enjoy your half term break . 
Miss Kyla 
14th February 2021 
Sunday evening smiles 
Coming across this photograph, we’re wondering if this is our very first youth choir who took part in the professional production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat?  
KH provided the choir so many times, we’ve lost count but the memories we made can’t be taken away. 
As usual Miss Jennie volunteered her time to rehearse all the music and I volunteered my time in the organisation and administration, particularly all the children in performance licenses. We even donated the fee we received every time to pay towards the coach to transport the choir to The Grand Opera House York. Miss Jennie left a legacy that I continue to strive for, with the original ethos that we both set when we joined together in a business partnership in 1989. 
The number of performing arts teachers and performers , together with those who have gone on in other directions to a fabulous career on this photo is testimony to the standard of teaching Jennie and I set from the very beginning. 
In a world at the moment where it’s difficult to look forward, we at KH believe in each and everyone of you, pupils and families. Trust us, as the dream team , we’ve had many years encouraging everyone to believe, so ‘don’t stop believing.’ Take care and stay safe and thank you all for the most wonderful comments and messages that have been coming in regarding my 50 years of teaching. Miss Angela ❤️ 
16th February 2021 
Wishing Mrs Marshall ( Shirin) all the best in her new home in Malton.  
After years of playing for our Ballet classes, Shirin has finally managed to move closer to KH, in fact just round the corner.  
Places are available for piano lessons with Shirin, see our website for her biography. 
We wish you every happiness in your new home Mrs Marshall from all at Kirkham Henry. ❤️ 
17th February 2021 
Here’s a great video from Miss Evie filmed on our last day of half term from our Theatre Tots to the seniors with the viral dance Jerusalema. The meaning is to spread joy and happiness through dance.  
Jerusalema: The dance sweeping the world - from Angolans to Israeli monks and Irish police Devised in Angola, a single dance craze has swept the globe and given us something to smile about during the pandemic. Jerusalema is a song by South African house musician Master KG. Friends in Angola filmed themselves dancing to the hit - the moves have since been recreated the world over. From health workers to nuns to children, everyone is getting involved. When the Swiss Police took up the challenge, it sparked a virtual dance-off with the Irish Garda. Thank you Miss Evie for helping to spread joy and happiness❤️🥰  
19th February 2021 
Huge congratulations to Miss Kyla for gaining Distinction with 94.4 in Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant Diploma 
(With Centre of Excellence) 
Total CPD hours calculated at 150. Although now qualified to assist in schools Miss Kyla took the course as head of SEND at KH as all the skills are transferable to out of school settings. 
Miss Kyla worked on it for 3months in between teaching and lockdowns and zooming etc. 
The course covered ( in depth ) learning difficulties that are associated with Autism, ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) 
ADD(attention deficit disorder) 
Dyslexia and Dyspraxia 
Sight and hearing loss issues 
ODD(oppositional defiant disorder) 
Social and emotional needs 
Also touched on dealing with depression and anxiety in children . 
A lot was based on an ‘in school’ setting but all the information and assesment requirements are very transferable to any setting and knowing more in depth difficulties that may arise and how to deal with and work with children and young adults under 25 years can only enhance Miss Kyla teaching. 
Well done Miss Kyla for gaining this wonderful qualification. 
20th February 2021 
KH Saturdays 
That’s Ant and Decs Saturday night takeaway!  
How proud are we at KH that our former pupil, Saskia Kirkham-Burke, is on the production team.  
What a fun evening Sas, you must laugh all day long.  
Lots of love Team KH ❤️ 
21st February 2021 
Sunday morning smiles 
Over this half term I decorated my kitchen and sorting out a cupboard I came across this plate that commemorates KH winning The All England Classical group section in London 1989.  
Does anyone who was in the winning team still have their plates?  
I remember everyone getting a smaller plate which was a lovely idea off Sasha and Jessica’s mum, if I’m right.  
What brilliant memories of this event, I remember it was such a shock to the other finalists as the award had never previously been won by any group outside London.  
I distinctly remember the head judge saying not only was the choreography superb but every dancer had beautiful technique, how proud I was of everyone involved. One of my biggest memory was as we stood at the side of the stage to hear the results Rachel Lamb, god rest her soul, jumping on my back screaming with excitement and that’s when I realised I had heard correctly.  
A school from little ol’ Malton in North Yorkshire had actually won The All England Dance Finals. 😱❤️  
Hope you’re all staying safe and well. Miss Angela x 
22nd February 2021 
21st February 2013, Former pupil Samantha Raine retired as soloist of the Royal Ballet Company to take over as the youngest ever Ballet Mistress.  
8 years later Sam is now Senior Ballet mistress and can’t wait for all theatres to re open their doors again.  
Here’s some photos of Sam’s final curtain call and her presentation backstage. 
23rd February 2021 
York Grand opera House - 2019 
Miss Nicky here - This week in 2019 we took 30 of our young singers to York Grand Opera House to support Collabro for 2 numbers on their UK tour.  
We had a wonderful day out performing and having tea out all together in true Kirkham Henry family style!  
It was a privilege to have been chosen for this opportunity and we all had an amazing night.  
I was incredibly proud of the dedication, professionalism and wonderful singing all our pupils presented that night.  
We really miss performing and being able to sing together and go to the theatre but hopefully that will start to return soon. 🤞 
27th February 2021 
KH Saturdays 
Miss Allison here- Lots of fun in drama today, from trips to the enchanted forest with Red group becoming fairies, elves and giants, to antiques road show and group storytelling with our older groups. 
All our activities are designed to improve confidence and develop a creative imagination.  
Next week we are moving on to complex improvisations, but having fun whilst developing skills stays at the core of what we do. Hattie couldn't remove the pig filter, we were in fits if giggles.  
Well done everyone for all the hard work. 👏👏👏👏 
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